Defined by a strong affinity with pattern making and the accompanying rich colour, my work has a resonance of cultural identity which reflects my Africanism. The extrodinary  abstractions created in African art have wrought a lasting and valuable impression on my work.

Moving away from more representational results, my work has become more about the process, the exploration of colour and the divine application of pattern. Whether it is reflected in my public artworks, or within my studio work - creating art has become about three key points: culture, colour and celebration, and woven into this trio - is also the concept of connectivity - using ‘patterns and ornamentation’ as the conduit - cyclical and representative of our daily lives.


More recently - Indian experience has become evident in my work (adding another layer of cultural interest and a rich fusion of even more intense colour) allowing me to fully celebrate and consolidate my thinking regarding the universal feminine, in a more primal sence and inspired by cultural sensitivity. The sheer beauty of Indian storytelling and the evocative nature of the female form has drawn me to look carefully at the role of the feminine, both as the sensuous human form through to exploration of the sacred and profane Yoni  (place of birth, source or origin and the creative balance to the masculine.) It’s about the personification of the reproductive energies of nature - birth, death, fertility, motherhood and regeneration - all cyclical qualities.

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